South of Her Border!

More each day, I’m learning that women are easy to please. It’s not all about Sex with women, it’s about the mind and emotion. Those who’ve read my Blog know, I’m not the
extreme guy, like in the “A Night at the Roxbury” who’s going to bump and grind on you. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I like to give the opportunity to the woman to feel comfortable enough to make the first move. But what happens when I feel the woman likes me and I know I like her, but she’s slow or too nervous to touch me, rub on me, hold my hand, hug me or kiss me? What then? I guess I have to make the first move. There’s an issue with making the first move. Do I know enough of her feeling towards me, that when I make the move, she won’t shrug me off, turn her cheek or even worse slap me?
You see I Love women! The way women smell, walk and take care of themselves; to me I believe is an art. I especially Love the women who have a job, no drama, and if they have drama in their life, don’t bring the drama with them to outings, Happy Hours, dates or coffee chats. Many women are afraid to trust a man because they were hurt in the past and I respect that, because I too, have been hurt! Some women are willing to enjoy you and let you into their comfort zone. The only issue is taking the time to learn what she likes and how you can give her that feeling so that you stay on her mind.

I’m a big South of the Border guy! I actually enjoy massaging and going down on a woman more than intercourse. I find it more sensual and personal. It’s like you’re entwining and enthralled in one another, to the point of becoming one. As you explore each other you learn one another’s rhythm and Cumming for you both becomes more than sexual release, it becomes a commitment to each other that you will open up and share yourself to the point of leaving your body and becoming one soul.

Don’t rush into anything new, slowly build up the sensuality in the position you’re in. As that sense of eroticism builds, the blood starts flowing and the heart starts pumping, you slowly move and allow yourselves to enjoy the moment, continue to keep your lover aroused to the point of Cumming!
Once you are done lay there and Cuddle. Relax in each others arms even if it’s hot and you’re both sweating. Strange things happen once the adrenaline leaves the body but when you cuddle the heart is still beating fast and the feel of energy between you both is still there. You will find that one of two things will happen when cuddling, either you’ll finish and go take a shower to clean up or the energy and slow gentle rubbing of your lover will start it up again.

I hope you too can enjoy a moment like this, either with your lover or with me. And since I’m selfish preferably with me! I hope this post has affected you enough to write a comment because I am open to reading and hearing your experiences.

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Remember to hang in there and Enjoy the Ride!

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